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Oak Lawn Real Estate

In a real estate market marked by foreclosure and falling prices, Oak Lawn's real estate value has been stable and even growing. The driving force behind Oak Lawn's success is the village's ability to attract and appeal to new residents. With superb facilities, education, and a variety of retailers in Oak Lawn, new residents are eager to start living there.

Oak Lawn has been attracting residents like honey attracts bees the past few years. The current population is over 55,000 and has been experiencing tremendous growth. Part of the reason for such growth is the wonderful facilities available in Oak Lawn. Oak Lawn offers residents world class libraries, golf courses, and museums. But the heart and pride of the village lies in its excellent park system. From small parks to the gigantic 38 acre Continental Park, the parks in the area cover over 300 acres. The parks are equipped with baseball fields, playgrounds, basketball hoops, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, and even an indoor ice arena. It's no wonder residents enjoy living in Oak Lawn. The facilities in Oak Lawn are a great feature of the village, but they wouldn't be possible without the growing businesses in the villages.

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The real estate market of a community depends largely on the economy of the community. The elected officials of Oak Lawn realize this and have dedicated themselves to economic development. With the leadership of its officials, Oak Lawn has been able to steadily attract businesses. Over the past few years, hundreds of new shops and centers have opened strengthening Oak Lawn's economy. The economy is still projected to grow as many areas of Oak Lawn are undergoing redevelopment to further the growth of the economy.

Besides world class facilities and a growing economy, Oak Lawn also is known for its family friendly and "home town" atmosphere. Each year the community has many events in which all the residents are invited to. These way residents can meet and greet with one and another while having fun. Some of these events include a massive Easter egg hunt, a classic car show, and a fourth of July celebration. The Easter hunt features three fenced areas where kids can hunt for eggs while looking for the Easter bunny. The classic car show features some of the world's rarest cars all the way from the 1900's. The fourth of July celebration includes a parade, festival, free entertainment, and a marvelous fire works show. All these make Oak Lawn one of the friendliest neighborhoods around.

What started off as a parcel of land in 1842 has now become a flourishing community. Oak Lawn houses some of the best facilities around with hundreds of acres of parks with a growing economy. With over 55,000 residents and growing, now is the right time to consider making Oak Lawn your home as there are many great homes for sale in Oak Lawn's real estate market.

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